How To Know God’s Will

How To Know God’s Will

How To Know God’s Will

Jesus said to him, “If you can believe, all things are possible to him who believes.”

Mark 9:23

There are many things in our world eating away at our faith. Sometimes we tune into the negative voice of the enemy. The enemy will always attack the Word of God. He did it in the beginning in his conversation with Eve when he asked her, “Did God really say?”

Today, the enemy is continually attacking God’s Word especially when you have destiny on your mind, or you’re believing in God to do something in your life. The enemy wants us to partner with doubt and unbelief because he knows that if you don’t believe, you won’t receive. You need to come out of agreement with the enemy’s attacks on God’s Word.

1. Miracles And Prosperity

This is the year of miracles and prosperity! When we are dealing with miracles, we move out of time. As a strategic time planner, I plan, save money, and am a believer in the Joseph principle. However, when you move into miracles, you move out of time: two fish, five loaves of bread, and five thousand people. Time was not an issue. The cynical mind asks how can this happen?

We can be so connected to the world and the things of this world. Our mind is always world conscious. What is the world saying? What are these natural laws doing in my life? What does science say? Those voices of the natural try to keep us in this realm of natural thinking, processing, and responses. God’s Kingdom transcends, is above, and is superior to the natural world!

Christians need to understand that miracles come out of the natural restraints of this world and supersede the natural laws of this world. We access miracles through our faith in the God of the miraculous.

2. The Natural Realm

There are all kinds of forecasts in our world. People who are so-called experts will say they have done scientific experiments. Experiments reveal what the natural realm contains and there are amazing things in this natural realm. However, for the Christian, this is keeping us in a natural response to situations we are facing rather than responding to what God’s Kingdom can do.

Christians must tap into God’s Kingdom by faith and allow His Kingdom to rule over our natural circumstances so we can access His spiritual working power. Come into agreement with what God says, not what the enemy or the world says. Come into agreement with healing even when you have sickness in your body. Come out of agreement with all sickness. Come out of agreement with what your family situation looks like because God did not say that about your family. We need to get in agreement with other people that are agreeing with us and with God.

3. Wrong Voices

You need to come out of agreement with the voices of others! For instance, if you receive a doctor’s diagnosis opposite from the Word of God, you need to find people who will go on a faith journey with you coming out of agreement with that diagnosis and believing with you for the impossible. This is not just about positive thinking, this is about people who believe God is greater than the situation you are facing.

When my wife and I received the diagnosis to abort our son, we knew this was not God’s will for our lives or our unborn child. We came in agreement with God’s word and we were not going to blame or get mad at Him. This is where people sometimes miss it. They become offended by God over a bad situation, disappointed and discouraged, or believe the lie that God doesn’t love them. It is actually the complete opposite and the perfect opportunity for you to step into a realm superseding the natural realm allowing God to move in your situation. When minds and hearts unite in agreement, anything is possible with God. It creates a miracle ground!

4. The Word Being Made Flesh In Your Destiny

“For I know the plans I have for you,’ declares the Lord, ‘plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.”

Jeremiah 29:11

God, your Heavenly Father, and Savior, has a plan for your life. When I first heard this many years ago, it shook me to my core. I wanted to know what that plan was and I wanted to do it. When you begin to understand this plan it brings dignity, responsibility, discipline, and even determines who you’re going to marry. I am referring to the area of destiny, ministry calling, and career calling.

The enemy also has a plan for our destiny. The more we understand and step into our destiny, the less the enemy’s kingdom gets to reign. God has called us to establish His kingdom here on earth as it is in Heaven, and the enemy is worried about that. He will try to target our destiny. But, our destiny defeats the enemy! This is where you see the enemy target little children. Look at Moses and Jesus. Before they were even born, the enemy knew their destiny and tried to remove them from that destiny. In these end times, the enemy is out to destroy the destiny of God’s children. He uses fear, abuse, addictions, eating disorders, mental health issues, etc. His plan is to annihilate the human race.

The enemy tries to cripple us mentally with soul wounds from our childhood. When I first got saved God had to do a lot of alignment, correction, teaching submission to authority, Kingdom loyalty, obedience, generosity, etc. God was trying to invite me into something greater. He was correcting me out of the corrupted ways of man. Our behaviors and our thought processes that are according to the world or the enemy hurt us and cause us to be fearful, feel rejected, and depressed. God’s correction brings us out of all of that because sin hurts us! He’s not looking down at us in condemnation calling us a wicked generation. No, He sent His Son to give us a way home, back into safety and security. All of the correction He brings us is all about His love embracing us into a better life.

Correction is direction when God is bringing you into your destiny. He will give you the grace, strength, and ability to walk into that destiny. When you learn to humble yourself under authority, you’re going to learn to humble yourself under God’s authority and trust Him that when He says to do something, you know you’re going to do it and He’s going to bless you.

Final Thoughts

It is normal to feel insecure in the area God has called you to. You can feel unqualified and insecure, but you must break through this and step into where God is calling you. It is one “yes God” and one step at a time toward the destiny He has for you even though you may feel insecure and unqualified. You are to be faithful in the little and God will give you much more. It is limitless what God can do with somebody feeling unqualified and insecure. You get the two fish and five loaves, put them in the hand of Jesus, and the miracle happens.

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