How To Overcome Defeat

How To Overcome Defeat

How To Overcome Defeat

“Truly I tell you that if anyone says to this mountain ‘Be lifted up and thrown into the sea,’ and has no doubt in his heart but believes that it will happen, it will be done for him.”

Mark 11:23

We cannot move mountains; however, God has the power to move mountains! But we have to give God something to work with, which is our faith. In this scripture, it is saying to have faith in God which means to have the God-kind of faith. However, when it comes to believing in God and understanding the power of faith, there are enemies.

1. The Enemy of Worry

One of the enemies is worry. A perfect example of worry is anxiety, that feeling of panic that tries to attack us. But the Bible says, “God has not given us a spirit of fear but of power, love, and of a sound mind” (2 Timothy 1:7). Worry usually will attack when we are first faced and focused on that mountain. God wants His faith and Word in our hearts so we can speak to our mountains and command them to move. But we must get the spirit of worry out of our hearts.

Mountains have demonic temptations connected to them no matter what we deal with. These can include family, finances, health, and more. These mountains have voices speaking of dread, a bad future, and death. These voices bring worry, which brings torment, which is rooted in fear. Fear is the kryptonite to faith.

Again, we’re not moving mountains. God is. But we have to agree with Him through our faith and words. Initially, when we are first faced with a mountain, the natural response is shock and then fear. This is when we must go to God in prayer and His word, building up our faith and allowing His glorious promises to wash away fear. God will see us through!

When we are getting hit with worry, it can feel like we are at the end of our road, hopeless, almost impossible to move forward. But we must understand that worry does not change anything! Worry does not fix anything. It does not add an inch to our life. All worry does is steal.

We must consciously decide when moving a mountain by faith and faith alone. The God kind of faith! Let God move that mountain through us and our faith. This is when God will give us the power to focus even in the impossible circumstances of that mountain. After years in your spiritual journey, you will find attaining God’s power rather than worrying much easier. Worry will not magically disappear. That demonic spirit is relentless; however, you will get better and better at overcoming fear! The Bible even talks about how we are to look at the birds in the sky and look at the stars. We must remember that if God takes care of all those things, He will indeed care for us, His children.

2. Spiritual Warfare

Worry is spiritual warfare. The enemy is a thief and a liar who wants our faith. When walking in faith, we are walking in hope. We are walking towards a dream, an expected end of the promise. Worry is an assignment against that. Worry wants to paint a new picture that our mountain is more significant than our God.

When the warfare seems never-ending, we are in a big faith fight. Every circumstance is different, and although it may seem unstoppable, it will end. It just feels never-ending. But remember, we walk by faith and not our feelings. The enemy is a liar, and we can become stuck when we focus on his lies.

Look at Abraham. His promise took twenty-five years to come. Abraham meditated on God’s promise day and night, and he became more assertive in his faith as those years unfolded in his life. There is a point where we get so full of the word of God, full of His promises it becomes a lifestyle. We’re getting hit by the enemy, but we are walking in faith, standing on God’s word, on His promises, and we are getting stronger like Abraham. The longer it took, the stronger Abraham’s faith became.

3. Playing the Long Game of Faith

Faith is not a projected nine-inning game or twelve-round fight. It lasts until we win because we are winners! The long game of faith will frustrate and confuse the enemy. He is throwing trouble and tribulation our way, yet we still serve God, attend church, praise God, and still find joy.

We keep believing in God’s promises even if our life looks nothing like those promises. We move forward and keep standing on His promises. Fight those temptations of fear because you know worry will not help the situation. It will only block it.

We trust God when we don’t understand it and feed on His faithfulness! We don’t blame Him for the trouble or turn our backs on Him. We run to Him and all His promises! Run from all the lies. We are not failures! We are victorious conquerors and can do everything through Christ, who strengthens us.

Final Thoughts

We keep building, then enter into the rest of faith.

Sometimes we must play the “long game” of faith when facing certain mountains.

When we become low in our faith, we will become weary and lose joy.

When in a faith fight, do not lose the joy! This is when we must drench our minds with the Word of God!

The joy of the Lord is your strength!

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